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Membership with the Strata Community Association

Corporate Strata Manager – Business Membership


Do you need access to professional information to enable you to do your job or maybe you’re new to strata and would like regular updates on what’s happening in the industry?


Select you state to complete the membership form


Becoming a member of SCA will enhance your career whether you are just starting out on your professional journey or an experienced strata community manager at the peak of your career. Being a member of SCA makes you part of a community at the forefront of strata matters. SCA membership is also your gateway to networking and knowledge transfer. Whether you prefer to attend professional development events, conferences or networking in small groups, your membership will connect you with others with similar interests.


Corporate Strata Manager membership (Management Business Member) is open to companies or person/s operating a business that manages strata companies.


A Corporate Strata Manager membership entitles the member to nominate unlimited persons working for the Corporate Strata Manager member who then automatically become individual members (Management Members) of SCA.

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