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Membership with the Strata Community Association Victoria

Membership Application Forms

All Owners Corporations Managers in Victoria must be Registered with the Business Licensing Authority.


Owners Corporation Managers

Membership Application Form for OC Manager

Police Check
SCAV recommends either a Victoria Police Check or a Police Check from CV Check. If a Victoria Police Check the original must be sighted by SCA (Vic).

Suppliers to the owners corporation industry

Associate Membership Application Form

Owners Corporations, Corporate Employees and individuals seeking to become owners corporation managers

Affiliate Membership Application Form

To discuss please phone 0394164688 ext 1
or email to


Strata Services Business Membership


If you provide products or services to the Owners Corporations sector, SCAV can give you direct access to thousands of potential customers. Membership also provides opportunities to establish or enhance current customer relationships and will provide information to help you succeed in the strata sector.

Strata is the fastest growing form of residential property ownership in Australia. SCA Business Members include Lawyers, Accountants, Insurance Professionals, Building Maintenance, all Surveyors, software providers, valuers real estate agents and others.

Application form 


Corporate Strata Services (Business Member)


Corporate Strata Services Membership is open to companies or person/s operating a business that provides goods or services to the strata sector, and in addition to the business membership, you must join employees as Personal Members.


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