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COVID-19 Update: Vaccination Requirements for Authorised Workers in Metropolitan Melbourne, Victoria

COVID-19 Update: Vaccination Requirements for Authorised Workers in Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria

The following information pertains to incoming public health directions applicable to authorised workers attending work at a premises or site away from home.

At this time, SCA (Vic) wishes to advise members that we are in the process of seeking clarity from the Victorian Government about these requirements in the specific context of the strata sector, including concerns around information and record keeping, and/or any obligations specific to managers and/or owners corporations.

SCA (Vic) understand that there may be questions from members related to the following public health information; however, we are not able to provide specific advice until such time as we receive appropriate clarification from official sources.

SCA (Vic) commit to promptly informing all members once a resolution to the aforementioned questions has been achieved.

Requirements for Employers of Authorised Workers:

From 15 October 2021, all workers currently on the Authorised Worker List in Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria are required to provide evidence to employers that they have:

  • Received at least their first dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccination, or

  • Have a booking to receive their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination by 22 October 2021, or

  • Have a medical exemption evidenced by an authorised medical practitioner.

From 15 October, employers are responsible for ensuring there is a process in place to register, record and securely hold an employee’s COVID-19 vaccination status.

Furthermore, employers must not allow anyone who is working away from home who has not received their first vaccination or has not made an appointment to do so by 22 October (or who isn’t exempt), to work on site.

If an employee does not have a medical exemption, employers are required to take ‘reasonable steps’ to prevent entry of unvaccinated workers, or workers who choose to not disclose their vaccination status, onto a site or premises.

Definitions of ‘Employer’ under these Requirements:

Under the Chief Health Officer’s (CHO) Directions concerning vaccination requirements for authorised workers, an ‘employer’ in relation to a worker is defined as:

  • The person who employs or engages the worker; or

  • If the worker is self-employed – the worker.

SCA (Vic) therefore advises its members that from 15 October onwards, there is a requirement for contractors to provide proof of vaccination status to their employer in accordance with the CHO directions, and requirements applicable to all authorised workers under relevant public health restrictions.

Evidence of vaccination status may include:

  • An immunisation history statement available from Medicare;

  • A MyGov COVID-19 Digital Vaccination Certificate;

  • Relevant information from a My Health Record and/or Medicare Online Account, or

  • Other documentation/proof of relevant medical exemption.

In the intervening period before an individual’s immunisation history is updated, evidence of vaccination can also include a recent vaccination appointment booking confirmation email, or the card received at the time of vaccination.

Further information:

For information on industry restrictions, please visit, as well as the SCA (Vic) COVID-19 Updates webpage, which is updated on a regular basis as new information relevant to the strata sector becomes available.

SCA (Vic) would like to thank our members for their patience as we have sought and continue to seek official guidance on COVID-19 restrictions applicable to the sector during the pandemic.

In an emergency situation please call 000.


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