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Land Use Victoria Update

During this time of isolation your duties as an OC Manager continue. Albeit with a shift in focus, the routine should continue. This includes registration of newly adopted rules and notification of change of address when you take on a new OC. Land Use Victoria has recently advised of the closure of their office at 2 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne to the public. Their business however is still operational.

What does this mean to OC Managers? It means efficiencies can only be gained by lodging your forms/certificates (under the Subdivision Act 1988) electronically. For any OC Managers who are not represented by a PEXA lodging agent, you are strongly encouraged to consult one, particularly if the dealing is urgent or complex.

Many of our industry lawyers can assist you with the lodging process:

  • HWL Ebsworth Lawyers

  • Whitelaw Flynn Lawyers (still to confirm)

  • Berrigan Doube Lawyers (still to confirm)

  • CLP Lawyers

  • RC & Co Lawyers

  • LMS Lawyers

When contacting potential lodging agents, be sure to ask how they support the Verification of Identity (VOI) process. Going through a PEXA lodging agent, conveyancer or lawyer may enable you to have your identity verified once every two years. As opposed to visiting Australia Post per lodgement form. The lodging agent will take you through the VOI process as well as request completion of a Client Authorisation Form. This latter form enables the firm to sign the Land Registry documents on the behalf of you as their client.

For more information refer to DELWP Bulletin 200 & 201


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