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SCA (Vic) Learning and Development Manager Update 06/10/21

Hello everyone, Last week we sent out a separate newsletter regarding SWCF modules with a brief description of each and the allocated CPD Points.

If you have any further queries regarding education, please email your enquiries via

Round Table Discussion:

We continued the conversation of managing during COVID-19 times, handling the smaller issues which can be just as challenging. Some of the areas discussed, moving in and out of buildings, emergency repairs, managing renovations, policies, and procedures, and Covid Marshalls. A big thank you to the attendance and contribution to the discussion; Matt Bourke, SCA (Vic) Board member, Julie McLean SCA (Vic) Board Member, Jenny Longstaff Director MBM, Liam Straughan, Public Relations Officer SCA (Vic).

Vodcast Committee Conversation:

This is specifically for Lot/Committee members and will continue to be run monthly. Last Friday’s session highlighted how committee members can effectively work with their Strata manager and in the discussion, there were ideas on how to build communication and relationships. The sessions are a half hour ‘snapshot’ over lunch, and we look forward to the next session with Catherine Lezer and Nic Abbey.

The next education event: 15 Key Points You Need to know about the OC Act!

Ros Zervos

Learning & Development Manager


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