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Lifting lift restrictions through COVID-19

Recent advice from Work Safe Australia has advised that restrictions may be reduced in the use of lifts in commercial buildings. Safe measures are still required, together with additional precautions and warnings necessary to not only advise users how to minimise risks, but to also ensure any additional risks arising out of its use or alternative ways to access the building, are also addressed. Including ways to deter people congregating outside lifts while waiting, signs for maximum numbers, access to hand sanitiser, potential trip hazards if using stairs, or the ability for those using emergency stairs to be locked in etc.

You can read more on these preventative measures and access instructional signage at Safe Work Australia.

With respect to Residential premises’, there remains a void on clear directives from Government. However, taking guidance from Safe Work Australia it remains prudent to include signs that remind residents to avoid physical contact to reduce the risk of spread as well as, address any potential risks from use of alternative means of access to and from the building.

Remember the threat of the virus spreading remains real and all Victorians are encouraged to remain vigilant and continue to practice good hygiene and physical distancing to avoid a second wave.

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