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Pulling Pool Limits and Community Facilities through COVID-19

Once again the directives provided to shared facilities and services offered within residential premises’ remains void. It is not evident that the Government’s advice that community centres, dining areas or pools may now open to limited numbers, directly relates to the use of the similar facilities within owners corporations.

Keep in mind that facilities accessed by the public are manned, whether it be by direct staff of the facility and/or contracted staff and have strict measures imposed on them during this stage of the restrictions. If an OC should choose to reopen a pool for example, how does the OC monitor and/or limit the number in attendance in the swimming lane or pool area at any given time. How does the OC record users and time of use, to enable the OC and/or health department to trace those who have used the shared facilities at any given time and/or day. And is the OC willing to increase the cleaning of public areas required more frequently and/or potentially after use by each and every party.

The OC in any decision needs to assess the risks and make decisions to remove any liability or reduce the role it may play in increasing the risks to its residents.

OC Managers should be in consultation with their Committees’ and encourage them to make informed decisions which aim to continue to reduce the health risks to residents as we come through this stage and move back to a new type of normal. Additional cleaning regimes may still be required and/or quite possibly be necessary to increase to address a higher volume of visitors permitted to each apartment and therefore in and out of the building.



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