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The best practice guide to Strata: The SCA (Vic) Code of Conduct

Most of you would agree with importance of maintaining high standards of ethical behaviour and professional conduct. This practice is more important than ever, as life continues to return to normal, and a higher uptake of in-person meetings and gatherings within strata communities resumes. As outlined in the SCA (Vic) Code of Conduct, members should conduct themselves in a professional, responsible and dignified manner, in accordance with the following principles:

  • Integrity– communicate directly and honestly, and act in good faith.

  • Objectivity– act fairly, and do not allow any prejudices to override objectivity.

  • Independence– members should appear and remain, free of interests which may be incompatible with the principles of integrity and objectivity.

  • Technical Standards– members should work according to specific technical and professional standards applicable to their field.

  • Competence– members should only undertake work which they can expect to complete in a competent and timely manner.



It is incumbent upon every member to hold themselves to these standards in every aspect of their work, and to keep ethics at the front and centre of any and every action or decision that is taken.

Taking care to avoid conduct which may discredit SCA (Vic) or its members, a member must not induce, or attempt to induce a breach of contract between a Client and its Owners Corporation Manager. Nor should a member ever denigrate another member, any person, company or profession.

Moreover, members must facilitate a timely and accessible transfer of records within 28 days of ceasing to be an Owners Corporation Manager for a Client, while being able to produce records upon request by clients or their authorised representative/s.

Adhering to professionalism and strong ethics helps to keep the business of strata communities running smoothly and efficiently, and with as minimal conflict between members as possible, so that the shared interests of these communities are ultimately upheld.



SCA (Vic) is concerned with establishing standards of behaviour of members both in their association with their clients and the general public, and with one another.

Members are directly responsible for upholding the reputation of SCA (Vic) and of a high standard of ethical practice.

Complaints submitted to SCA (Vic) should be considered with the Code of Conduct in mind, and in the interest of maintaining professional standards.

Everybody has a part to play in the strata business, and keeping the bar raised high in adhering to professional and ethical conduct goes a long way towards providing a level, fair playing field for every SCA (Vic) member.

For more information, please consult the SCA (Vic) Code of Conduct, available here or contact our office at


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