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The bigB - Update

The Bees have continued to be busy and despite all the challenges we all face at present we are committed to make the bigB happen. Why? Because we know through these tough times, it is being part of a connected community that we’re all craving. We all need to have a continued focus on building relationships and enhancing community spirit in 2021. In a time where we have already ample masks and gloves, what better use of resources than put them to good use at a working bee!

We are very pleased to announce the SCA Vic will be our Foundation Sponsor. A relationship which we know will greatly help those in need and help build communities within communities.Other interested sponsors are very much welcomed and encouraged. If you’re keen to take up this opportunity, to reach out and be a part of rebuilding communities, then please contact us, we’re only a phone call away! Give us a buzz…

In due course, we will be looking for Owners Corporation Managers who would be eager to put forward an Owners Corporation (or two) as part of a trial, with the aim of testing the bigB platform, before the full launch.

If you would be interested in helping this important initiative and passionate about helping others, or have any other questions or comments, please contact or call us on 03 9417 9670

The bigB Board


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