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Understanding the Impact on your Clients

To better understand the impact of this pandemic on your clients, enables you to act proactively to alleviate some of the challenges ahead. RMIT are conducting this research and your influence as Strata Managers is sought to request the participation of some or all of your clients in a short 10 minute survey. It’s your chance to let them know that even while you’re sharing in similar experiences, you’re also aware that we aren’t all the same, our thoughts, our circumstances, our challenges. And that your desire is to play an active part in the recovery of the community. A write up that you can send, including the link is outlined below for your ready use:

‘You are invited to participate in the research project ‘Priorities for a post pandemic landlord-renter relationship in Australia.’ We are interested in learning more about scale of the problems caused by Covid-19 for landlords and tenants. The results could help shape government action by providing research evidence into how to further assist the landlord-renter relationship.’

The first phase of the research is a short 10-minute survey. The link is below:

Thank you to David and Trivess.

David Oswald - Deputy Program Manager, Trivess Moore - Research Fellow

Construction and Project Management, RMIT



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