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Update from Cladding Safety Victoria 

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

More than 130 Project Managers appointed for Cladding Rectification Program

The Statewide Cladding Audit is ongoing and more than 600 higher-risk buildings across the state have now been referred to Cladding Safety Victoria (CSV).

CSV acknowledges that rectifying combustible cladding is often a complex process for owners corporations (OCs).

Cladding Safety Victoria CEO Dan O’Brien said to help owners navigate this process Independent Project Managers (IPMs) have already been appointed to assist CSV manage over 130 funded projects.

The IPM will work with the owners corporation to help source specialists required during rectification such as building surveyors or architects. They also draw up a scope of works, oversee the tender process to appoint a builder and superintend the site once construction begins.

“Assembling a team of Independent Project Managers was crucial to ensure that owners corporations are working with registered and qualified practitioners from start to finish,” he said.

We’ve met with more than three quarters (460+) of the individual owners corporations to discuss how we can assist with the process of cladding removal. We have been able to continue working during the COVID-19 lockdown by putting strict safety measures in place in collaboration with our practitioners, owners and residents. Our dedicated team of Customer Liaison Officers continues to meet with more owners corporations every week.

We’ve completed a close inspection on over 290 buildings and now have plans for how we are going to assist owners to rectify each of these buildings. We’re aiming to have 100 buildings under construction by the end of this year and we are on track to meet our Target 200 goal by June 30 2021.

We’ve recently published a downloadable guidance note for owners corporations involved in the Cladding Rectification Program on our website.

Cladding Safety Victoria Bill

The Cladding Safety Victoria Bill currently before Victorian Parliament will formally separate CSV from the Victorian Building Authority and establish it as the responsible authority for delivering the Cladding Rectification Program.

We will continue to fix buildings found to have higher-risk combustible cladding and assist owners corporations through this complex process, as we have done to now.

More information about the Bill is in the media release.


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