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Updated DHHS Guidelines – Stage 3 & 4 Restrictions

Just published - the awaited DHHS guidelines have just been released. The Updated Guide (14 August, 2020) provides answers to the many sought after industry questions, including advice that reinforces our current industry positions under Stage 4 restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne and application of Stage 3 in regional Victoria.

Guidance is offered to Strata Management businesses, Owners Corporations who are employers and Owners Corporations themselves.

? Can the strata manager and administrative office continue to carry out functions that cannot be done at home under Stage 4 restrictions?

? How do we manage suspected and confirmed cases amongst employees in the workplace?

? Who issues the Permitted Work Permit when the controller of the workplace is the ‘corporate building owner’ and the entity engages a subcontractor to perform permitted works?

? What are the most important things I can do to reduce the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) in my building?

? Are building managers required to inform all building patrons when there is a positive case in the building?

You can read the answers to these questions and more in the updated Guide.

Click here to access the DHHS Guidelines for Coronavirus for Multi-dwelling Properties with Shared Facilities.

Work Order templates for COVID-19

In addition to the answers provided by DHHS in the updated guide, we remind Members that SCAV strongly recommends that you update your work order templates to include the statements below about the new Stage 4 Restrictions on Permitted Work Activities, Permitted Workers, COVID Safe Plans and contact tracing records for your owners corporations. CONDITIONS OF ENGAGEMENT It is your responsibility, as the service provider, to ensure that you are compliant with the Victorian Government’s Stage 4 Lock Down Restrictions, that you are legally allowed to perform the work the subject of this work order and that you are carrying a valid Permitted Worker Permit. If you do not comply in full, then this work order should be considered as cancelled and you need to contact our office immediately. It is a mandatory requirement that all visitors to the site must wear a mask at all times while on owners corporation property and provide details upon completion of work (each day if attending on multiple days) of each person attending the worksite (name and contact details) and the date and time of arrival and departure from the worksite for each person. SCAV thanks CLP Lawyers for Conditions of Engagement wording.


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