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What should you be doing?

OC Managers should ensure that communication continues with their owners corporations in these areas of changing restrictions to promote compliance. Also to continue messaging even if the messaging is that there is no new message, it is important to maintain the flow of information and encourage ongoing compliance to avoid complacency setting in.

You are also encouraged to develop and review plans to ensure relevance, and implement activities to build and strengthen relationships within each community. This could be as simple as community notices that allow residents to volunteer to be of assistance to those more vulnerable, delivering groceries and meals where required or even walking of pets. Here’s an example of what the City of Maroondah are doing (sent courtesy of your fellow Member, OCVM Group). You can find out more details about City of Maroondah initiatives here.

In our Coffee Catch Up with the City of Stonnington representatives earlier this week, a lot of great initiatives were shared, and management practices of COVID-19 cases were aired. If you weren’t able to take part a copy of the recording will be available soon. We encourage all members to grab a cuppa and listen to some practical advice that you can share with your OCs and your committees. (Contact with these local Council representatives were initiated once again by one of your fellow Members, Select Strata Communities.)

Just one example of discussions included the use of face masks when moving about common property. When living in a multi-dwelling property, does a resident leave home when they exit the front door of their apartment or when they leave the complex? We have our thoughts, what are your views, or more significantly, the views of each of your residents and what are they practising?


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