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Recommended Schedule of Duties and Charges

The charges set out or referred to herein are recommended charges only and there is no obligation to comply with the recommendation. The members are expected to adopt charges as appropriate to the Owners Corporation. By way of example, high rise developments with lifts, swimming pools etc. may attract a higher fee per lot. The annual cost of services contained in Clause 2.1 of the standard industry contract, is generally based on a charge in the range of $170.00 to $485.00 per lot, depending upon the size and complexity of the Owners Corporation; with a minimum management fee per Owners Corporation of $1,800.00 per annum.

The tasks in Clause 2.2 are charged in addition to the cost of services contained in Clause 2.1. If an hourly rate is adopted, the time charged should be a reasonable rate. This will vary depending upon the type of service to be performed and may consider its complexity and difficulty; the importance of the matter to you; the skills, specialised knowledge and responsibility involved. The rate should be fixed prior to carrying out any duties. SCAV recommends an hourly rate in the range of $110.00 to $240.00 per hour. SCAV recognises that for complex matters a higher hourly rate may apply.


The PDF for download is contains the following:


(Owners Corporations)

(Owners Corporations)

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