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Strata Community Association (VIC) - SCA (VIC) - represents members working in the Owners Corporation Sector in Victoria. Our LinkedIn provides industry updates.



Our not for profit organisation is governed by our constitution which sets out how we operate.

View the constitution by clicking here

Annual Report


Read our 2019/20 Annual report here.


You can join Strata Community Association Victoria by submitting the completed Application Form:

Membership benefits:

  • Representation to Government and Statutory authorities

  • Promotion of the activities of practitioners to the community

  • Establishment of professional practice guidelines and ethical standards

  • Professional development through seminars, workshops, conferences and regularly publishing bulletins on items of professional interest.

  • Among other Best Practice guidelines, this includes the SCA (Vic) Contract of Appointment with a Recommended Schedule of Fees & Charges

  • Members-only services include benchmarking, guidelines, jobs and employment, businesses for sale, legal, insurance and building maintenance referrals

  • Greater training and professional development options with the introduction of a national qualification

  • Special Interest Groups, including Young Professionals, Women in Strata, Emerging Leaders and Regional provide more support for what you need in your circumstances

Members benefit from representation, support, advice and promotion. With Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Best Practice Guidelines on regulatory and legislative amendments, updates on VCAT determinations and emerging issues, SCA members are best placed to manage OCs and empower Lot Owners and occupiers.

Life (Honorary) Membership


Life Membership is awarded to an individual who reflects contribution to SCA (in their state) both in years of membership and actual contribution to the success of SCA (in their state) and who has been a member for a continuous period of 15 years.


Life Membership is recognised for extraordinary achievements of an SCA member and is granted to individuals whose contributions have gone beyond the call of duty and have helped the industry grow.


Life (Honorary) Membership Recipients:

  • David Binks

  • Marion Binks

  • Paul Brotchie

  • Leslie Clements

  • Rob Evans

  • Bernie Herbert

  • Herman Klein

  • Tim MacKenzie

  • Brian McGrath

  • Julie McLean

  • Michael Nugent

  • Rob Pitcher

  • Stephen Raff

  • Tim Graham

  • Peter Scott

  • Andrew Whitelaw

Lot Owners benefit from free SCA (Vic) introductory courses on the strata community sector and through subsidised committee training on roles, rights and responsibilities. A new Lot Owners membership category is being established.

The Code of Professional Conduct raises the bar to maintain ethical standards and members are held accountable for poor practice. SCA (Vic) complaints process formalises investigation, mediation and processes for dispute resolution between Owners Corporations and their member managers; and also on professional conduct issues between members with a focus on sanctions, disciplinary action and mentoring.

Owners Corporation Definition

In Victoria, the Owners Corporations Act 2006 defines an Owners Corporation as a ‘body corporate which is incorporated by registration of a plan of subdivision or a plan of strata or cluster subdivision.’ The individual Lot Owners form a collective known as an Owners Corporation. This is a legal entity which must comply with its governing legislation and enabled regulations.


Owners Corporations Manager 

A Registered Manager is defined and dealt with in Part 6 of the Owners Corporations Act 2006 (Victoria), which sets out the appointment and removal of a manager, functions of manager where there is a committee, or no committee, the duties of a manager and other matters, including provision for a manager to return records within 28 days of termination of appointment by the Owners Corporation.

Owners Corporations can choose to appoint a registered manager who will act on their direction, including engaging contractors for maintenance and repairs, on behalf of the OC.  The responsibility to maintain common property and shared services is that of the owners corporation.  The manager assists the OC to meet these and other obligations.  As part of the Annual General Meeting, Lot Owners collectively agree on a budget to the fund ongoing maintenance and shared service costs.  Items agreed can include the management fee, caretaking costs including gardening, utility charges, repairs to essential services and insurance premiums. These are funded through fees/levies. 

Voting in Owners Corporation


Only Lot owners have a vote and that vote can be exercised as one vote one value, or, in Victoria, can be based on the Lot Entitlement which may include car park and storage spaces.  Legislation does not permit tenants and other residents to be members of the Owners Corporation or to vote.

For further information please contact us:

Phone: 03 9416 4688       

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