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VIC Board Members



Alan Ferre

SCA (VIC) Director

Alan has over 15 years’ experience in the strata sector, working for two suppliers who are strata specialists.


From May 2008 - March 2022, Alan worked for CHU Underwriting and was the Regional Manager Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.  He led a team of over 50 people situated across three states, and was responsible for all aspects of underwriting, claims and client relationship. 


In his time at CHU, he gained an in-depth understanding of the Victorian and wider Strata Market (strata management, legal, banking, regulatory, political, suppliers, clients).  He was a regular industry presenter on insurance and related matters and its impact and relevance to the sector.  

Alan took over as CEO from the business founder at Scotia Property Group in March 2022.  This role is builds on and is very complimentary to his in-depth understanding of the Victorian Strata Market (strata management, legal, banking, regulatory, political, suppliers, clients). 

He has undertaken industry training on key aspects and considerations relevant to strata managers and OCs about repairs and maintenance.  

In his 15+ years in strata, he has developed a deep understanding of the strata sector in Victoria and nationally. He has spent considerable time with strata managers across the country and this has allowed him to understand their business, challenges and expectations from their professional body.

He has previously served on the SCAV Board for four years, in that time he committed to deliver:

  • Increasing sector awareness and influence with key external stakeholders (political, regulatory, advocacy groups, employees)

  • Raising the professional standards and profile of strata management sector

  • Ensuring the sector has a high standard of ethics and integrity 

  • Training and development of new and existing staff in the sector 

  • Creating value for all SCAV member stakeholders  

  • Financially stable and relevant professional body  

  • Appropriate integration with SCA National and

  • Stakeholder lobbying to achieve better outcomes for the strata sector

Alan believes strata is an ever-growing sector, an increasingly important part of the Victorian and national economies, and with his extensive experience in the strata sector, he brings: 

  • An in-depth understanding of professional strata management and service provider businesses 

  • Strong relationships across the sector 

  • A perspective that is in strata but not strata management 

  • Awareness of the contemporary and emerging issues, challenges and opportunities in the sector (Victorian, nationally and the broader region) 

  • Ability to talk to stakeholders at all levels and explain and promote SCAV 

  • High level stakeholder influencing to gain superior outcomes for all

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The SCAV Board (Board) is committed to the preservation of membership confidence, the professionalisation of the Strata industry and the delivery of the highest standard of ethical practice. The Board has adopted a new Professional Governance Framework (PGF), which includes a revised Board Charter, Board Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest Policy, and Privacy and Confidentially Policy. To reinforce their commitment to the PGF, each Board Member has signed a Duties & Responsibilities of Board Members statement and a Register of Interest declaration.

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