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VIC Board Members



Julie McLean, HFSCM

SCA (VIC) Immediate Past President

After a successful term as President in 2022/23, Julie McLean now serves as Immediate Past President.  Julie also served on the SCA (Vic) Board as President from 2016-2017. Julie has been a member of SCA (Vic) for over 20 years and has served as a Board Member for the majority of that time, contributing enormously to the growth and success of the organisation. Julie received her well-deserved Honorary Life Fellowship in 2022.

With more than two decades in the building and construction industry, and training as a technical auditor, Julie has also been involved in design and construction of mechanical services for commercial buildings.

Julie retains a strong interest in education workshops and volunteers an enormous amount of time educating not only members of SCA across Australia, but also delivers education to committees and lot owners.  Julie is passionate about the advancing opportunities in relation to sustainability and the increasing role technology plays within the strata sector.

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The SCAV Board (Board) is committed to the preservation of membership confidence, the professionalisation of the Strata industry and the delivery of the highest standard of ethical practice. The Board has adopted a new Professional Governance Framework (PGF), which includes a revised Board Charter, Board Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest Policy, and Privacy and Confidentially Policy. To reinforce their commitment to the PGF, each Board Member has signed a Duties & Responsibilities of Board Members statement and a Register of Interest declaration.

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