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COVID-19 guidance for strata & community schemes - Cautiously easing restrictions

The Victorian Government today announced the gradual easing of restrictions.  The announcement builds on the measures, which have given health authorities vital insight and information. This information is allowing some restrictions to be safely and cautiously lifted.

Whilst restrictions are easing the core principals remain:

  • If you can work from home, you should work from home.

  • Maintain physical distancing of 1.5 meters

  • Limits on the number of the number of people 

From 11:59pm 25 May, the following changes impact Owners Corporations:


Public gatherings, both indoor and outdoor, will increase to 20. This means that face to face meetings could resume and you will need to manage the requirements so that:

  • The registration process should include an assessment of risk to others and accommodate physical distancing between people.

  • The room size can accommodate physical distancing between people. 

  • The hygiene can be managed with any shared materials (sanitiser available)

  • The room is sanitised between each meeting

  • Adequate fresh air flow rate

Sports and Recreation

Community facilities can open, with no more than 20 people in a single space plus those reasonably required to run the space and indoor and outdoor pools to open, to maximum 20 patrons and limit of 3 people per lane in each pool. This means that common property community spaces could resume however, owners corporations need to ensure facilities can:

  • Operate safely and comply with physical distancing – this may mean implementing a booking system, extra signage or remaining closed.

  • Hygiene measures – cleaners must have procedures in place to ensure cleaning practices meet Safe Work Australia standards environmental cleaning and disinfection-principles for COVID-19

If an owners corporation temporarily closes facilities on the common property, a notice of closure must be posted, so all residents are aware.

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