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COVID-19 Victoria Update

With 1 in 4 Victorians living in strata, the real impact of COVID-19 on strata communities is imminent.

Reports of confirmed cases of COVID-19 are starting to filter through in your buildings. Where DHHS has been notified, there is an intention that they step in to assist the process, but we understand that there are still so many questions to be asked, and answers to be received.

Your voice is being brought to the DHHS discussions. SCAV is a part of the forums with DHHS to provide greater insight into the challenges faced by owners corporations and Professional Owners Corporation Managers.

DHHS is working to develop strata specific guides.

This guidance material will speak to our OC Communities to provide clear directives on how the Government enacted restrictions and protocols impact those living with shared communal areas and facilities.

The Guides are to include:

  • General public health information and directions for high-rise apartment living

  • Information and guidance for OCs and Strata Managers

  • General public health advice for all high-rise apartment buildings

  • Specific public health advice for shared accommodation and communal areas

  • Approaches when residents in high-rise apartments test positive

  • Issues of mental health and isolation

In the interim, you can access existing and more recently updated, industry advice via the COVID-19 page of the SCAV website.

The Government Information and Useful Links Guide has been updated again to capture more prescriptive information from which you and your OC’s can make informed decisions. The links reference, but are not limited to, media updates, our current restrictions as well as staying safe in the community and in the office. Be sure to access them to identify the particulars of Contact Tracing. Details of which are both useful for your OCs and your office. So too ‘Preventing Infection in the Workplace’. You’ll also find links to Business Victoria, providing advice on business support and the development of Business Continuity and Recovery Plans and a separate resource providing more details on Cleaning & Disinfecting - to reduce COVID-19 transmission DHHS.

We’re also organising a virtual coffee catch up. A forum in which we can come together to talk about all things COVID-19 with those who truly understand you, your peers. And it’s not to be just a sympathetic ear, but an opportunity to gain really useful advice based on our own experiences and to hear from those here to support you. More details in your next Education and Events Update.



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