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Ongoing Communication with OC Residents

Remember that communication to residents is critical whether it’s a high rise or low rise development. No property should be exempt. Advice to reinforce good hygiene, physical distancing measures and use of masks on common property are all key messages that should continue to be shared.

Residents may also benefit from reminders of the symptoms that they should watch for, when to get tested and where to find information on what quarantine and self-isolation mean in their shared living environment within an owners corporation.

OC managers, your OCs and/or committees should assess, if you haven’t already, all potential risks relevant to their unique complex and implement activities to reduce the potential for virus transmission. Including high touch areas such as door handles, intercom systems and stair rails. Speak to your caretakers and ensure that not only are they supporting the OCs with regular cleaning, but that it includes both cleaning and disinfecting of these high touch communal areas and facilities. Also that they have the appropriate COVIDSafe Plans in place as well as Permitted Work Permits for their employees visiting your sites.

Use the opportunity when communicating with your OCs to encourage support within the OC community and include details for anyone experiencing issues or symptoms to contact the Coronavirus Hotline, Local Council or Mental Health Resources. You can find out all these details and more on the DHHS website and/or in the updated DHHS Guide just released. Refer to this page for advice on Apartments and multi-dwelling properties.



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