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Renovations during COVID-19 Stage 4 Lockdown

The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions have provided guidance on when, where and under what conditions renovations can take place in a person’s home. You may be surprised by the direction given, which identifies that renovations cannot take place in a strata complex unless the complex is fully vacated.

Tradespeople and builders can only visit your home for renovations if you have fully vacated the property and are not staying there during the period of Stage 4 restrictions. The property will not be considered fully vacant if residents are still residing in a separate room, apartment or building on the property, even if the works they wish to continue relate to an adjoining extension. If you’re still living at the property, then trades people and builders can only make emergency repairs. If you have vacated the property, then renovations can proceed in line with restrictions on residential construction.  A lot within a residential tower is not permitted to undertake renovations, unless the entire residential tower is vacated for the tradespeople and builders to undertake their works during the period of Stage 4 restrictions. As works are not permitted within a strata complex that is not fully vacant, a High Risk COVID Safe Plan would not be required for irrelevant construction works. All construction sites are required to have a High Risk COVIDSafe Plan and must follow density restrictions of no more than one worker per four square metres in enclosed spaces.

We’re all reminded to continue to monitor the Business Victoria website and subscribe to the Small Business Victoria update newsletter to stay informed of any changes or updates. 

We also recommend you monitor the DHHS website for the latest guidance and restrictions, and how they might impact your business.   


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