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SCA (Vic) Fight for Clarity on COVIDSafe Plans and QR Codes for Owners Corporations

SCA (Vic) President Gregor Evans appeared on Channel Nine News and Channel Seven News respectively, on Friday, 14 May 2021, to highlight the need for greater clarity in the current rules and regulations concerning the implementation of COVIDSafe Plans and QR codes on common property areas managed by owners corporations.

“There’s a lot of stress out there from lot owners thinking that they’re going to be fined if they don’t follow the government requirements.”

While incremental changes to official advice were made by the Victorian Government in light of increased media attention, a review of the applicability of COVIDSafe Plans and QR codes is currently underway, with a view of ensuring regulations are clear, prescriptive and realistic for the strata sector. SCA (Vic) will continue to communicate and work with the Victorian Government in good faith to ensure an end to any confusion facing owners corporations and the sector regarding the current suite of regulations.


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