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Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV)

Please see below for a direct message to SCAV Members from David Leonard, Manager, Community Engagement, Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria:

Dear SCAV Members,

As you may be aware, the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria has modified its service delivery to reduce the spread of Covid-19.​​

We are continuing to deliver a telephone information service, but all face-to-face mediations have been temporarily postponed while we investigate alternative arrangements including teleconferencing.​​

​​We are aware that as Victorians spend more time at home, there may be an increase in enquiries about our service. This may relate to matters such as shared living arrangements, owner's corporation issues or neighbourhood disputes.​ ​

​​As our team is working from home, the easiest way for your customers to initiate contact with us, is through our new "contact us" page located on our website:​​

​​You can also encourage your customers to call our 1300 372 888 number, but please do not transfer them directly, because this interferes with our call distribution process. ​

We endeavour to reply to most enquiries within 24 hours, and all contacts within two working days.​​

​​(Anyone with a Personal Safety Intervention Order enquiry should contact their local Magistrates' Court directly.)​


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