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SCA (Vic) Learning and Development Manager Update 20/10/21

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all going well and I would like to report on the following:

Training & Education regarding changes in the OC Act

A pre-recorded session is now up on our site which was recently completed this week by Andrew Whitelaw, Director of Whitelaw Flynn, and Gold sponsor. The purpose of this recording is to capture key points of the changes to the OC Act, 2021 that every Strata Manager should know. The recording is a precursor and should be watched preferably before our next event this Friday 22nd October - “15 Key Points you need to know about the OC Act, 2021”.

The link to the recording can be found here:

15 Key Points you Need to Know about the OC Act 2021

A good opportunity to listen to our panel of legal experts who will be discussing the 15 key point you Need to Know about the OC Act. This will be our next education event highlighting amendments to the Act pertaining to committees and meetings. See below for registration details

Ethics in the Strata Community - New module

A new module has just been created and is a part of the Strata Competency Framework (SWCF). This module is designed to assist Strata Community Managers and their staff to develop ethical workplace practices in the Strata Community to enhance the professional perspective of our industry and in addition, strengthen workplace culture and productivity.

The module is a compulsory area of education for new members and a prerequisite for membership of SCA (Vic).

The module is FREE – to members


Education Recordings

Missed out on the last Education events? Click on the below links to view our past education event recordings.

Please note all SCA (Vic) Recording that are 1 Hour = 1 CPD Point.

Cladding Safety Victoria

It was with great pleasure that SCA (Vic) hosted a recent education event informing our members on the latest developments and challenges concerning cladding. We would like to thank Dan O’Brien, CEO, and John Kent, Director, stakeholder Engagement & Communication, Cladding Safety Victoria. The presentation was a wealth of knowledge regarding possible solutions, managing the risk and additional guidance.

Look forward to seeing you at the next event,

Ros Zervos

Learning and Development Manager


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