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The Role of an Owners Corporation Manager

Owners Corporation (OC) Managers are professionals responsible for the administration of owners corporations charged with the responsibility to maintain buildings and common areas within an owners corporation.

Managers are specialists in their field, possessing the knowledge and skill to administer the owners corporation in accordance with the complex requirements of the Victorian legislation to achieve consensus in decision making and to otherwise assist home unit owners by assuming onerous responsibilities.

Their functions are not those of real estate agents.

OC Managers are involved in coordinating the affairs of unit owners including conducting meetings, collecting and banking levies, arranging property maintenance, advising on asset management, placing insurance and keeping financial accounts. Incidental duties include:

  • preparation and distribution of notices, agendas and minutes

  • attending to correspondence

  • arranging quotations and repairs for building maintenance

  • maintaining the owners corporation roll

  • maintaining all registers required

  • payment of all invoices

  • preparation and distribution of financial statements and budgets

  • preparation and distribution of contribution notices

  • attending to orders, submissions and appeals


What this means to you as a lot owner within an OC, is when you engage a professional strata manager you should expect professional guidance; which when accepted and supported by your OC, should result in:

  • compliance with all your OCs mandatory obligations

  • efficient, adequate and hassle free management of your accounts

  • greater protection and longevity of your assets

  • minimisation of your OCs exposure to risk

  • proactive and informed decisions being made by your OC

  • enhanced enjoyment of common areas and living within your complex.


And if the Professional Strata Manager is a Member of SCA (Vic), you also stand to gain the additional benefits from peace of mind that your Manager has agreed to uphold a professional Code of Ethics, is committed to ongoing training, in order to maintain up to date knowledge, and enhance their skills with which they manage your home, your investment.


Please watch our short presentation on the Benefits of using a professional Strata Manager

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