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Advocacy in Victoria

For updates on our 2022 state election campaign, please click here to visit the SCA (Vic) 2022 Victorian Election webpage


Strata Community Association (VIC) (SCAV)  represents more than 80% of all professional owners corporation managers,  SCAV is vigorous in its representation of its Members and Associate Members, including Essential Safety Measures managers, quantity surveyors, insurers, lawyers, accountants, facility managers, property valuers, building maintenance and tradespeople. 

Our advocacy is well integrated into communication, promotional activities and events and aims to strongly influence public policy, laws and budgets.  At our disposal is a team with extensive knowledge and skills, with each bringing their unique relationships and ability to influence decision makers within the political, economic and social environments to the SCAV.  This vigour is also applied to the engagement and promotion of our sponsors and stakeholders.

Our focus is on improving the operation of the Victorian strata property industry through advocacy to Government. Our reach is national to influence policy and our promotion of this growing sector, including our quarterly national magazine Inside Strata.

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20 March 2023

SCA (Vic) Pre-Budget Submission 2023-24

SCA (Vic) releases its priorities for Budget 2023-24, focussing on Building Confidence in Strata Communities, as well as Powering Smarter, Greener and More Liveable Strata Communities to 2050.

3 February 2023

SCA (Vic) Submission - ACCC Lithium-ion Batteries

Strata Community Association (SCA) Victoria welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the ACCC consultation concerning Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, and the impact on safety and property, including a focus on storage and charging of EVs in strata.

17 November 2022

Media Release: 2022 Election - Victorian Strata Residents, Owners and Industry Unite for Strata Helpline

In an open letter to Victoria's incumbent Labor Government, SCA (Vic), Owners Corporation Network (OCN), Southbank Residents Association (SRA), Southbank3006 and We Live Here have called for a much-needed Strata Helpline from government.

27 October 2022

Media Release: "Stronger, Smarter Strata" - Victorian Strata Peak Body Releases 2022 State Election Platform

Property peak body Strata Community Association (Vic) has today released an ambitious suite of policy recommendations ahead of November’s state election.

10 August 2022

SCA (Vic) Open Letter to Lot Owners: Ongoing Economic Issues Impacting Your Owners Corporation and the Strata Property Sector

Strata Community Association (Vic) wishes to acknowledge the depth of economic issues affecting Australia and the wider world throughout 2022 and provide a thorough and informative insight as to how these circumstances will continue to impact Victorians living, or affected by, strata in the immediate future.

7 April 2022

SCA (Vic) Pre-Budget Submission 2022-23

SCA (Vic) releases its priorities for Budget 2022-23, focusing on sustainability, building defects and emergency response, among other key priorities.

August 2021

SCA (Vic) Submission - Building a Climate Resilient Victoria (Built Environment)

SCA (Vic) support the review and implementation of world-leading adaptation plans for the built environment to address climate change

14 March 2023

Media Release: Amendments to Victorian Building Laws Mirror Concerns and Feedback from State’s Peak Strata Body

Property peak body Strata Community Association (Vic) welcomes all changes aimed at improving building quality and consumer protections in the State of Victoria, under proposed legislation currently before Parliament.

23 November 2022

Media Release: Ahead of 2022 Election, Strata Peak Body Responds to Victorian Liberal
Policies on EV Charging, Rooftop Solar & VCAT Funding

Following the formal launch of the Coalition’s 'Real Solutions' Plan, property peak body Strata Community Association (Vic) has responded to three key policy announcements of interest to Victoria’s $343 billion strata living sector.

9 November 2022

Media Release: Victorian Liberals and Greens Lead Support for SCA Strata Election Priorities; Labor Places Distant Third

Victoria’s Liberal Opposition and Greens Party have provided unparalleled in-principle support and commitments to property peak body Strata Community Association (Vic)’s election priorities, throwing down the gauntlet to the incumbent Labor Government to better support the state's $343 million strata property sector.

27 October 2022

Media Release: "Stronger Smarter Strata" - Victorian Strata Peak Body Releases 2022
State Election Platform

Property peak body Strata Community Association (Vic) has today released an ambitious suite of policy recommendations ahead of the November’s state election.

16 May 2022

SCA (Vic) Submission - A Victorian Emissions Reduction Target for 2035

SCA (Vic) has contributed to the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP)'s consultation concerning the implementation of an interim 2035 emissions reduction target, in conjunction with existing commitments to Net Zero Emissions by the year 2050.

November 2021

SCA (Vic) Submission - Apartment Design Standards Parliamentary Inquiry

SCA (Vic) provided input to the Apartment Design Stanards Inquiry, initiated in Victorian Parliament, and reporting in June 2022.

May 2021

SCA (Vic) Submission - Expert Panel Review of Victoria's Building System (Stage One)

SCA (Vic) recommends the Expert Panel increase accountability in the building and design spaces in its submission to Stage One of the Victorian Building System Review, undertaken in April-May 2021.

1 March 2023

Media Release - Aurora Horribilis: High-Profile Strata Dispute Underscores Desperate Need for OC Reform

Following recent reporting by the Herald Sun newspaper concerning the situation unfolding at Aurora Melbourne Central, Strata Community Association (Vic) has urged the state government to act to improve education, advice and dispute resolution for Victorian apartment and townhouse owners and residents.

17 November 2022

An Open Letter to Government from Victoria's Strata Living Sector

SCA (Vic) stands united with Owners Corporation Network (OCN), Southbank Residents Association,
Southbank3006 and We Live Here in improving support for the 1.6 million Victorians (or 1 in 4) who own and live in strata-titled properties such as apartments and townhouse complexes.

28 October 2022

SCA (Vic) Submission - Review of the Retirement Villages Act 1986

SCA (Vic) has provided feedback concerning the impact of proposed reforms to the Retirement Villages Act 1986 to owners corporations where they exist in retirement villages, highlighting several areas for improvement in the exposure draft of the bill.

28 September 2022

SCA (Vic) 2022 Victorian Election Priorities

In response to November's state election, SCA (Vic) has created the 2022 Victorian Election Priorities Document.

Strata Community Association (Vic) are prioritising three key areas of reform ahead of the state election, which, if implemented by the next Victorian Government, stand to benefit the millions of Victorians living in strata throughout our state.

7 April 2022

SCA (Vic) Submission - Victorian Property Market Review

SCA (Vic) urges the Victorian Government to consider and ensure better representation of the strata sector in future decision making and policy in relation to proposed property market reforms.

October 2021

SCA (Vic) Determination

Owners Corporations and Other Acts Amendment S34 and S35

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